What Happened When I Deleted Facebook

What Happened When I Deleted Facebook

By admin 3 Comments April 8, 2019

Facebook started out as a fun way to contact old friends and share pictures with them and for a while, it was fun.  But then something terrible happened and it became a place to shout political opinions and religious beliefs at others without having to look into their face at the damage being caused.  I became aware, through time, of how Facebook users are being manipulated through marketing and propaganda. It just isn’t that fun anymore.

It’s been more than a year since I deleted my Facebook and Snapchat accounts.  I was on Facebook all the time, to the point where I was just seeing the same posts over and over.  I would find myself yelling at my kids just for having fun and being themselves because they were disturbing my social media time.  Without even knowing it, I was giving more of myself to strangers on the internet then I was to the people who actually matter to me.  It felt like an addiction that was just as bad as smoking.

At first, I found the idea of leaving facebook daunting.  I was, of course, worried that I would be left out of the conversation and that I would lose contact with some friends.  I already knew before I deleted facebook that there was no way I had over 400ish people who truly care about me in the world.  Duh, right? I feel like I really know now not only who cares about me, but also who I care about and am willing to give my time and energy.  I can be more genuine with those that are my friends and do things that really do strengthen the relationship. It reminded me that a like or comment on Facebook is not the same as real friendship.  

Being without it wasn’t easy, just like it is when breaking any addiction.  I was bored and couldn’t remember how I had filled my time before Facebook. I had snapchat for a while where I only had 8 “friends.”  But even with that, I could see that I was recording every part of my life for someone else to watch. Is that truly living and experiencing life?  In my humble opinion, no. It wasn’t long before I stopped using that too.

The hardest part was realizing how much free time I had and figuring out what to do with it.  I cleaned my house until it sparkled. Then I got more into painting and sketching and it started taking up more and more of that free time.  I also started reading more. I have always been an avid reader but with Facebook and other social media, I didn’t really make time for that part of myself.  It was great basically figuring out who I am all over again and I felt better about my relationship with myself.

We all know what a time suck Facebook can be.  It only makes sense that I find that I am more organized and can get more done in a day.  I also spend a lot more time with my husband and kids. I get to look into their faces and hear their amazing conversations and see who they really are.   I am truly present. We have a family game night, art night and have just added Dungeons and Dragons to our family activities. Without social media, we are a stronger, happier family.

 When I finally picked my head up from my phone, I could see that the whole time I had been missing out!   Life is short and when mine ends, I want to know I left positive real-life memories for my family.

Are you thinking about deleting your Facebook?  Have you already left Facebook? What is your experience?

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Heather Sherland

That was pretty powerful and true!



    Thanks, Heather! I’m just trying to write my own personal truth :0)

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