Homeschool Learning Tools

Homeschool Learning Tools

By admin 0 Comment April 22, 2019

To me, it is a hugely important skill to be able to find information.  Everyone must learn how to learn!  By having to do research on a topic, I feel that ideas are more solidified in the minds of my children.  There are so many sources out there for information and today I am going to share some of my favorites.

Youtube has so many options for learning and sometimes these videos are made by someone who knows how to explain an idea or concept better than I can.  We like which is fabulous for basic math skills.  We also like to watch historical documentaries and real-life documentation from people experiencing events and lifestyles.  We just finished learning about the middle east and we watched a few videos from women who actually live in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  It makes geography, history and the real people who live in these places seem more tangible.  You can follow my YouTube channel at

Symbolab   is a free website that allows a student to put in a math problem they don’t understand and it will show that them how to do it step by step.  I have used it many times to refresh my own memory. It is an excellent tool if used with supervision, without supervision, it can easily be abused.

Hoopla is an app that allows library patrons to finds books, movies, music, and other online resources provided by the library.  You can check out what you want and when you’re done with it you just digitally return it. It is my favorite app.  You will need your library card.

Pinterest is my second favorite app.  My kids are both on there too. It’s basically a place to learn about anything you want or just see cool pins about stuff you’re into.  I’m on there as Jeanie’s Imagination Cultivation and I mostly pin about art, homeschool, and gardening.

I love all of the Google apps! My favorite app is google photos. I love that my images are automatically downloaded to Google Photos and are readily available from any device. It makes sharing images so much easier since users can create shared files and then just invite friends and family to view them. Shared files can be downloaded and saved by all of the users.

My kids are both on Google Hangouts, which is basically just online texting. They don’t have phones, so this is perfect for when they are at the library and we need to check in with each other.

We use google docs for all of our writing projects.  This way they are saved to my google account and I don’t have to worry about having the latest version of Microsoft Word.  This also makes printing easy since I do all of our printing at the library. Just log in and there is everything I need.

Freeprints is a super cool app where you get 85 free 4×4 or 4×6 prints every month.  You just have to pay to ship. The most I ever paid for that was $7 and I ordered 50 pictures at 1 time.

What are your favorite homeschool tools?  Do you also use some of the ones I have listed?

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