Curriculum Series: Homeschooling at the Library

Curriculum Series: Homeschooling at the Library

By admin 2 Comments April 15, 2019

The library is like school, only better!  It’s a world of education that includes anything you might want to learn about and more.  Of course, it would be the best place to start.

I have been using the library as a large part of our homeschool lifestyle since my kids were just babies. We would go to our local story time where we got out of the house for a bit to spend time with other moms and babies.  We were lucky enough that our small town youth librarian had learned the powerful brain-building benefits of teaching babies sign language. She started by teaching us just a few signs at every story time and before we knew it we were watching Signing Time! and our babbling babies were telling us their inner thoughts and desires.

Our librarian loved to get out board books for the kids and let them step on them and taste them.  Together, we instilled a love of books, learning and libraries from the beginning.

They aren’t babies anymore, but the library still offers a plethora of activities and resources.  Now my kids participate in activities like After School Hangout, Youth Dungeons and Dragons games, teen hangouts, weekend movies, arts and crafts, and laser tag lock-ins.   

As a homeschooling family, we spend a lot of time together.  This is the perfect opportunity for them to hang out with their friends without me being there, but still under the supervision of responsible adults.  They get to practice the skills that I have been teaching them in a safe space.

Our library also offers a week-long pass to the YMCA, the zoo and passes to national parks. The meeting spaces here can be reserved for free.  Our 4H group even meets here incorporating my 2 favorite homeschool tools. You can read more about homeschooling with 4H here;

My favorite thing about going to the library is getting the reading rainbow song stuck in everyone’s head! “Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high.  Just take a look, it’s in a book, a reading rainbow!”

What is your favorite song about reading?  Do you like to sing about every part of your day like I do?  Discuss in the comments.

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Heather Sherland

Love hearing your songs about every day life! And now I have the reading rainbow song stuck in my head. Roo and I enjoy making up songs about everyday life. Bed time reading has been our biggest reading time for her to practice and chapter reading. However she is over Junie B Jones lol. ❤️❤️❤️ Lovin the Blog keep em coming!



    Have you tried the Stink Moody Series? She would love that!

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