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4 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

By admin 3 Comments May 13, 2019

Hello, Fellow Life Learners!  Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be sharing 4 tips for dealing with anxiety. I have been dealing with anxiety for the majority of my life and it can be so difficult to deal with.  When I was a little girl it was hard for me to be at […]

Homeschool Learning Tools

By admin 0 Comment April 22, 2019

To me, it is a hugely important skill to be able to find information.  Everyone must learn how to learn!  By having to do research on a topic, I feel that ideas are more solidified in the minds of my children.  There are so many sources out there for information and today I am going […]

Curriculum Series: Homeschooling at the Library

By admin 2 Comments April 15, 2019

The library is like school, only better!  It’s a world of education that includes anything you might want to learn about and more.  Of course, it would be the best place to start. I have been using the library as a large part of our homeschool lifestyle since my kids were just babies. We would […]

Homeschool with 4H: Demonstrations

By admin 0 Comment March 31, 2019

6 tips to help you guide your homeschooler to create a demonstration. What is 4H?  4H is an organization designed to give young people the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and life skills.  For $45 a year, any child can sign up for up to 3 projects. I love using 4H as a part of […]

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