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5 Steps to Creating a Relaxing Homeschool Summer

By admin 0 Comment June 12, 2019

Creating a summer curriculum is easy! By just having a few tools and knowing what is important to you and your family, you can have a plan made for the summer in just a short time. For this, you will need Google Calenders, your libraries summer newsletter or calendar, a way to take notes and a way to show your family what to expect like a whiteboard.

7 Tips for a Great Art Night Experience

By admin 2 Comments May 5, 2019

I love spending time with my family and doing fun activities with them. Art night has rekindled my husbands love of doing art, helped my daughter build on her already artistic nature, challenged my son to step away from video games, as well as inspiring me to find the artist within myself.

Homeschool Learning Tools

By admin 0 Comment April 22, 2019

To me, it is a hugely important skill to be able to find information.  Everyone must learn how to learn!  By having to do research on a topic, I feel that ideas are more solidified in the minds of my children.  There are so many sources out there for information and today I am going […]

Curriculum Series: Homeschooling at the Library

By admin 2 Comments April 15, 2019

The library is like school, only better!  It’s a world of education that includes anything you might want to learn about and more.  Of course, it would be the best place to start. I have been using the library as a large part of our homeschool lifestyle since my kids were just babies. We would […]

What Happened When I Deleted Facebook

By admin 3 Comments April 8, 2019

When I finally picked my head up from my phone, I could see that the whole time I had been missing out! Life is short and when mine ends, I want to know I left positive real-life memories for my family.

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