7 Tips for a Great Art Night Experience

7 Tips for a Great Art Night Experience

By admin 2 Comments May 5, 2019

I am always looking for ways to be more creative and spend time with my family, so I was excited when my husband initiated a weekly art night.   It’s been more than a year for us of spending our Friday’s together doing art and it is my favorite night of the week!

It has evolved over time, as most things do.  When we first started this weekly custom, we would work on an art project that we wanted.  In the beginning, we were brimming with ideas but we soon used them up and needed more inspiration. One night while watching Skin Wars, a family favorite, I was inspired to make art night a game. It’s really not a competition but in actuality is just a way to inspire our creativity.

We filled a bucket full of ideas written on strips of paper.  Every art night we start by randomly picking an idea from the bucket.  Then we spend a short amount of time looking at references and figuring out our idea.  At that point, we are ready to work on our art project. I like to start by sketching an idea in my sketchbook using a pencil and colored pencils.  Once it is solidified and I have a chance to practice my idea, I will recreate it on a canvas using acrylic paint. I love colored pencils, but acrylic paint is my favorite medium.

Tips for a great art night experience;  

  1. Look at references.   You may think you can remember what something looks like, but then look at a picture and realize you are missing a lot of details or an important part of the shape. It’s definitely NOT cheating to look at a reference photo since anything you create will be uniquely yours.  
  2. Watch time-lapse art videos on youtube get inspired, here are some that I like to watch;

     3. Use Pinterest! Everyone should have a Pinterest!  It is basically just a place to save and organize ideas so that you can go back to them later.  You can pin anything from around the web and even create your own pins. You can check out my Pinterest here https://www.pinterest.com/jeaniesimaginationcultivation/

My tiny thumbnails

     4. Create tiny thumbnails before working on a full-scale version.   This is something I learned from watching one of my fave youtube artists, Drawing wiff waffles.  You can check her out here.


sketching my idea

      5. Get inspired! Let books you’ve read or are reading, your favorite shows, your own personal interests, or something you are learning about be your inspiration.  Come up with our own ideas using your inspiration and put it into action. Some ideas in our art bucket include squiggly challenge, make Adventure Time OC’s, and make Plants vs Zombies characters including different skins and weapons.  These are just a few ideas and it’s easy to come up with some of your own.

      6. Let life inspire you!  I can remember having an epiphany one day when a friend of mine was pinning a lot of contouring makeup tutorials.  Painting a face is just like a contouring tutorial! It’s all about shadow and light! This forever changed the way I paint faces.

      7. Listen to a podcast, book on tape or music that you can all enjoy.  

A work in progress

Each of our family members like different mediums.  We buy most of our art supplies from Hobby Lobby. It really is the best deal because they often have art supplies on sale for half price.  They also have a 40% off total bill coupon on their app. Right now, I’m considering getting an art box subscription, if you have one or know about that, please make a recommendation in the comments.  

I love spending time with my family and doing fun activities with them.  Art night has rekindled my husbands love of doing art, helped my daughter build on her already artistic nature, challenged my son to step away from video games,  as well as inspiring me to find the artist within myself.

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I love this. Art has always been a huge interest and hobby of mine and I find any one can find self expression through art. The bucket of ideas is a wonderful suggestion. Great way for every one to feel equally involved.



    Thank you, Lisa! I am always happy to have commenters who continue the conversation! I have seen some of your work and you are very talented!

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