5 Steps to Creating a Relaxing Homeschool Summer

5 Steps to Creating a Relaxing Homeschool Summer

By admin 0 Comment June 12, 2019

Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time of year including lots of fun in the sun and lazy days and having a clear plan will make it that much more relaxing!

Creating a summer curriculum is easy!  By just having a few tools and knowing what is important to you and your family, you can have a plan made for the summer in just a short time.  For this, you will need Google Calenders, your libraries summer newsletter or calendar, a way to take notes and a way to show your family what to expect like a whiteboard.

Step 1:  Prioritize.  What are your priorities for the summer?  The things that absolutely must be done. Include downtime!  It is important to me that my kids have fun, spend lots of time with their friends, continue pursuing their interests and continue learning.  

My list of this summer’s priorities was easy to make on my notes app on my phone.

Step 2:   What is already in your calendar?  Because we are in 4H, we already have several items on our calendar for this summer.  This includes county and state fairs, camps, meetings, a camping trip, and a talent show.  Our summer is already filling up fast! We also have a few birthdays in the summer.

Knowing what’s coming up takes the stress out of life!

Step 3:  What is going on at your library?  Our library has a fantastic summer reading program including summer hangouts, movies at the library, a few camps, dungeons and dragons games, art and science displays and more.  After looking through the libraries newsletter, we are booked for the summer.

Step 4:  What do your kids need to continue studying through the summer.  This summer my son has committed to getting his ham radio license which is not easy.  He will continue studying this until he passes his test. My daughter is working toward memorizing her multiplication tables and it’s not really something that can be put down for a few months.  Studies don’t take long in the summer!

Step 5:  What is your daily routine going to look like?  It’s summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean the house can go uncleaned or teeth can go unbrushed!  Pets need to be cared for and the kids need a nice long list of things they could be doing until they are allowed on their devices.   

Our daily routine is clearly written on our white board.

Having a clear plan is important and actually helps me to be more flexible since I know what is coming up and know we won’t forget something important. I will make decisions to skip certain activities if a family member wants to take the kids to do something or if something else fun (like swimming, sleepovers and play time) comes up. You can learn more about how I keep each week organized here.

Remember that YOU MAKE THE RULES! My families plan is not your families plan. As long as you know your priorities and use your calendar you can have a fun and relaxing summer customized to your families needs.

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